The Brand Makeover


Church Branding designed to

Help You Convey the Best Version of Yourself

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Be Relevant

Be Smart

Be Engaging

  • Are there under-represented age groups in your church?
  • Is your communication lacking clarity?

  • Is your brand outdated?                                   
  • Are you consistently inconsistent?

A comprehensive brand designed to...

  • Create attractive consistency in every aspect of your church (identity, color systems, web, social, environmental, and print)
  • Rally your church around fresh vision
  • Resonate with multiple generations
  • Convey your unique ethos
  • Ascribe value to your members and guests


Talk to a Brand Strategist

our process

The Brand Strategy 

An intensive evaluation of who you are, who your community is, and what it would look like to create a bridge between you. A multi-page brand report becomes the foundation of your strategic brand and the virtual sandbox to begin creative efforts.

The Concept Reveal

This is where the brand strategy comes to life as we deliver a definitive brand that fits your church. This is not just a logo: expect to see an integrated brand presentation that includes identity, color systems, web, social, environment, and print.

The Buildout

The brand comes to life as we write all your content and build out all your materials (identity, color system, web, social, environment, and print). We run on a smart cadence to ensure you have all you need when you need it.

The Launch Party 

Launching brand is an art and a science. To whom and when you reveal it matter. We have rolled out over 500 church brands. We are here to guide you by creating buy-in and momentum as you roll things out. 

Not sure if Brand is where you should start? We can help with that.

You'll receive...

  • The Brand Strategy
    A branding document that serves as a stretegic filter for your communications efforts for The Brand Makeover process and beyond.
  • A Beautifully Designed Brand
    A complete and holistic delivery of your brand in all major mediums (identity, color system, web, social, environment, and print).
  • Professionally Written Content
    We write the content for your main marketing materials. Using a combination of our knowledge of you and our seasoned copywriting team, we help you communicate your essence in the most engaging way. 
  • Branding Guidelines
    A booklet built around the how's and why's of your brand and its elements—to empower your team to keep the brand on track over time. 
  • All You Need To Roll Out (yes, all the files, too!)
    We provide coaching for rollout and supply you with the creative source files. We will even serve as your communications partner, helping you do any other design you need throughout the year. 

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St. Andrew United Methodist Church


Dallas Bible Church

Covenant Church

Hill Country Bible Church


First McKinney

Lex City Church

Bronx Bethany Church of the Nazarene


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We are grateful for the time, care, and effort that was put in by Artistry Labs to produce our church brand. It was clear that everyone truly cared about our church as if they were a part of it. If you want your to church to be all that God wants your church to be, then I highly recommend a spiritual gut-check with Artistry Labs.



Pastor Geoff Pybas
Associate Pastor

Tulsa, Texas




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