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From decades of unlocking new levels of growth for churches, ministries, and smart businesses
we've built a consulting framework designed to help you...

  • Understand why you are getting your current results
  • Clarify your calling
  • Unify your leadership around fresh vision
  • Increase your visitor/client retention
  • Get more people to take next steps 
  • Grow your volunteer/support/client base
  • Get regulars to share you with others
  • Increase investment from your regulars
  • Rally the troops towards change
  • Provide a master-planned roadmap to your organization's health and growth 

Our process has seen hundreds of organizations unlock their next level of growth.


We are not just advisors, we are load carriers—coming alongside you with assessmentstrategyimplementation, and proactive partnership. We help you create a flywheel of change that produces momentum—putting you on the path to accomplishing your vision.

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Gateway Church

Elmbrook Church

Concord Church

Hill Country Bible Church

Leader Formation

Dallas Leadership Foundation

Lexington City Church

Christ Fellowship

Southwest Airlines

Legacy Church








We work with a limited number of churches, ministires, and smart businesses each year who are committed to going to their next level. We help you understand why you are getting your current results and create a flywheel of change that produces momentum—empowering you to be the best version of who God has called you to be as an organization. It is not uncommon for a church to come to us plateaued, and grow by 30% within the next year as a result of our process.


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360° Assessment

Gain unparalleled insight.

Every church, ministry, or business is perfectly calibrated to achieve their current results. Gain expert eyes into your efforts to increase your awareness of where you are and your directional confidence for moving forward.

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Digital Experience Consulting

Calibrate for better results.

Allow our team of experts to help you be the best version of yourselves online. This is a service that helps large and small churches improve their execution with best practices that change lives.

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Mission / Vision / Values Consulting

Clarify your calling.

Know and communicate who you are and where you are headed with confidence. Bring newfound clarity to your leadership and rally the troops toward a visionary future.

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Community Analytics / Persona Consulting

Increase your reach.

Understand the target audiences that are shifting and changing around you. Gain insight into the unspoken reasons people make decisions and use it to build strategies that increase your resonance.

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Be Engaging.

See yourself with fresh eyes. Uncover blindspots and roadblocks that hinder your growth. Get expert insight into the roots of your current results and proven steps to increase traction.

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Customer Journey / Assimilation Consulting

Take people further.

From your prospects to the committed, improve your ability to meet people where they are and help them take their next steps. Design experiences and organizational playbooks around tested insights into winning people over.


Artistry Labs struck a perfect balance between professional strategy and heartfelt ministry. They exceeded our expectations as they provided us with expertise and data-driven community and church family insights that enabled us to see our ministry expressions and associated impacts in a unique and powerful way. We loved the spiritual imprint we saw and felt through the entire process.



Director Church Advancement & Marketing
Christ Fellowship



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