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We work with churches, ministries, and smart businesses
through a unique process of
Strategy, Branding, Technology, and Marketing
to unlock their next level of engagement and growth.


• Clarify their calling.
• Keep their visitors.
• Resonate with brand
• Take people deeper.
• Grow healthier.
Be engaging.

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In July of 1995, God spoke to the heart of Artistry Labs’ founder, Richard Reising—giving him and his wife, Michele, a life-altering mission. They were charged to leverage successful careers in corporate marketing to serve the Body of Christ. At that moment, God’s inspired idea began an incubation process that culminated in the birth of Artistry Labs in July of 1998.

For over 20 years, Artistry Labs has helped and inspired thousands with its message and delivery on church marketing and healthy growth. Having served over 1,000 clients in over a dozen countries, Artistry Labs has grown to become a thought leader in church and ministry growth.



We are an advocate for lost sheep and the heroic ministries who will pursue and serve them well. We get excited about helping a church clarify it's calling, strengthening itself to do good works, and building a bridge to the community they are passionate to serve.

Our success is their growth and the lives they impact for Christ in the process.

What drives us? Helping a church or ministry engage well at every point of contact.

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Every single member of our team has experience in both Ministry and in Corporate work. Our team's diverse background gives us the tools we need to serve our clients well and provide them with an excellent level service and care. We have ministry hearts, a knack for seeing through the haze and solving complex problems at the root, and are excited to help churches and organizations reach their fullest potential through branding, consulting, and technology.

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Richard Reising
Founder & Chief Strategist
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Michele Reising
VP of Operations
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Jason Hughes
Senior Account Manager
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Amber Holdridge
Account Manager
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Victoria Pena
Implementation Specialist
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Chase Douglas
Digital Engagement and Design
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Jenise Zuidema
Office Manager
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Mike Ciesiensky
Director of Technology Services
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Steve Hahn
Design & Technology Manager
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Jen Robinson
Art Director / Brand Design
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Eric Armstrong
Special Projects Coordinator
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Scott Hanson
Lead Technology Developer

Our partnership with Artistry has been a blessing. It is great working with people who combine understanding of our culture with a passion for kingdom causes. They have made a good impression on us, and are helping us to make one on our neighbors.

Senior Teaching Minister
The Hills Church

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