The Signage Makeover


A service designed to

Provide Clarity and Confidence in Your Church Navigation

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Remove Guest Anxiety.

Improve Campus Flow.

Resonate with Brand.

  • Is room naming inconsistent?     
  • Do people often ask for help finding rooms?

  • Is navigating your campus difficult?
  • Is the design of your signage engaging and easy to follow?

A signage strategy calibrated to ...

  • Ascribe value on your guests
  • Turn signage into an asset in the guest experience
  • Eliminate confusion in navigation
  • Remove stress in your parking lot
  • Engage people with brand at every point on your campus


Talk to a Signage Strategist

our process

The Strategy Meeting

Experience your campus through fresh eyes. We examine ways to optimize flow, provide direction, and create an engaging environment.


The Strategy Presentation

We present a comprehensive plan with exciting mockups and highlight solutions to improve how a guest experiences your campus.


The Scope & Sequence

We walk you through an implementation timeline and cost approximation associated with your budget.

Optional: The Buildout

We bring the signage strategy to life with complete content, design, manufacturing, and installation.

Not sure if Signage is where you should start? We can help with that.

You'll receive...

  • The Signage Strategy
    A detailed layout of all signage, lettering, and vinyls for the interior and exterior of your campus.
  • The Signage Inventory Board with Mockups
    A visual explanation of all the different sign types in your plan, with relevant mockups of signs in your environment.
  • The Scope and Sequence 
    A timeline and budget for fulfillment.

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Covenant Church

Hill Country Bible Church

First Baptist Mckinney

Gateway Church


Artistry has a unique ability to see things through the eyes of a visitor and their approach to strategy, design, and fulfillment has added great value to our church.



Doug Sluiter
Executive Director Campus Support Services

Southlake, Texas




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